Saturday, November 27, 2010

Door Wreath

Book Wreath
I have seen these wreaths all over blog land.

After watching this tutorial by Jenna Deangeles I went to the local thrift store and bought 2 old books for about 3 bucks a piece. I already had glue sticks and a stapler on hand. It took about an hour to make.  My daughter in law wanted to make one so we used the same books to make hers. We can probably get 2 or 3 more wreaths out of these books!

Inexpensive chic!!


Seoul Searching Mama said...

SO stinkin' cute! I love it!

Mary said...

I just love your wreath...I wanna make one!LOL I'm Going to go watch the tutorial....Thank you Brenda

GobbleGoo's By Trish said...

Beautiful wreath and so much fun to make I bet!

Trish @ Gobble Goos